Wednesday, 5 February 2014

GibTest #1

The 1st Gibraltar Tester Gathering got underway with 10 enthusiastic Testers, Managers, Developers, Marketing & Project Management gatherers!

Gav Winter (@jedi_tester) kicked off proceedings with great talk on what Tester Gatherings are all about.

This gave the gatherers a great idea about what to expect from the gatherings & what they might be able to contribute.

Slides from Gavs talk can be found here.

The tone was set & the crowd loosened for some formalities from Duncan Nisbet (@duncnisbet).

Through the power of a futurespective, the gatherers got a chance to have their say in what & how the Gibraltar Tester Gathering could become.

The ideas were free flowing & numerous - it seems that these gatherers know what they want & how to get it.

This was the output from the futurespective:

After a short beer reprieve, we moved onto the slightly more dull topic of what we didn't want the gathering to become. These will help form the ground rules to the gathering & empower the gatherers to challenge a situation which may breach the ground rules.

Again, some great ideas came in, some of which were duplicates (great minds & all that...) - this is what we got for starters (ground rules will be published on a separate page):

Finally, with the formalities over it was time for the simulators & the food. So. Much. Food. Let it be known that the Golf Box does not do small portions! This is HALF of the food for 10 people:

(We hardly made a dint in that pile of sausages & jackets)

This last section of the evening was a chance to get to know each other & discuss the futurespective & the fledging ground rules.

Overall, a great night had by all (for some the night lasted longer than for the others ;-)) with some ideas for talks for future gatherings already being planned!

Roll on the 2nd event - we hope to see you there!

Enjoying the food, footy & light banter

The racing didn't get too competitive...

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