Sunday, 9 March 2014

GibTest2 - One of the quadrants digested

The 2nd Gibraltar Tester Gathering saw passions displayed from all attendees.

We had 3 testers, 4 developers & 2 business folk in attendance. This proved to be a great mix.

One of the ground rules was not too let talk get too technical. This proved to be a struggle as the primary topic of conversation got under way.

Duncan Nisbet started to dissect the Agile Testing quadrants. The conversation soon warmed up when the focus moved towards the bottom left quadrant & what its purpose was for.

This quadrant consumed most of the time, but some valuable topics came out of the conversation.

Topics like "People who think they're doing TDD, aren't" & "Why cut back on the amount of unit tests if they're quick & cheap to run?" came up in the conversation & further spin off chats were had over the food.

Pictures of the night from Ninja Tester (Bogdan Ionita) can be found here.

Much fun was had with the baseball simulator - there may be some video of that somewhere...

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Events are now grouped into a series on Lanyrd!

should be a lot easier to manage & communicate to gatherers...

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Event #2 is booked!

Go on, get yourself signed up for the 2nd Gibraltar Tester Gathering

Don't forget to submit your ideas as well!

We want your ideas!

We have set up a suggestion box for potential gatherers to submit ideas they'd either like to listen to or present themselves.
  • Do you have something you need to get off your chest?
  • Have you read or heard something in the testing community you'd like to discuss or know more about?
  • Have you completed an interesting project recently that people might want to hear about?
  • Want a practice run of your conference proposal for feedback?
  • Is there a particular game you want to play on the simulators?
Let us know - the Gathering can only grow if we feed it ideas!

Its free, takes seconds & completely anonymous.

Suggestion box

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

GibTest #1

The 1st Gibraltar Tester Gathering got underway with 10 enthusiastic Testers, Managers, Developers, Marketing & Project Management gatherers!

Gav Winter (@jedi_tester) kicked off proceedings with great talk on what Tester Gatherings are all about.

This gave the gatherers a great idea about what to expect from the gatherings & what they might be able to contribute.

Slides from Gavs talk can be found here.

The tone was set & the crowd loosened for some formalities from Duncan Nisbet (@duncnisbet).

Through the power of a futurespective, the gatherers got a chance to have their say in what & how the Gibraltar Tester Gathering could become.

The ideas were free flowing & numerous - it seems that these gatherers know what they want & how to get it.

This was the output from the futurespective:

After a short beer reprieve, we moved onto the slightly more dull topic of what we didn't want the gathering to become. These will help form the ground rules to the gathering & empower the gatherers to challenge a situation which may breach the ground rules.

Again, some great ideas came in, some of which were duplicates (great minds & all that...) - this is what we got for starters (ground rules will be published on a separate page):

Finally, with the formalities over it was time for the simulators & the food. So. Much. Food. Let it be known that the Golf Box does not do small portions! This is HALF of the food for 10 people:

(We hardly made a dint in that pile of sausages & jackets)

This last section of the evening was a chance to get to know each other & discuss the futurespective & the fledging ground rules.

Overall, a great night had by all (for some the night lasted longer than for the others ;-)) with some ideas for talks for future gatherings already being planned!

Roll on the 2nd event - we hope to see you there!

Enjoying the food, footy & light banter

The racing didn't get too competitive...