Sunday, 9 March 2014

GibTest2 - One of the quadrants digested

The 2nd Gibraltar Tester Gathering saw passions displayed from all attendees.

We had 3 testers, 4 developers & 2 business folk in attendance. This proved to be a great mix.

One of the ground rules was not too let talk get too technical. This proved to be a struggle as the primary topic of conversation got under way.

Duncan Nisbet started to dissect the Agile Testing quadrants. The conversation soon warmed up when the focus moved towards the bottom left quadrant & what its purpose was for.

This quadrant consumed most of the time, but some valuable topics came out of the conversation.

Topics like "People who think they're doing TDD, aren't" & "Why cut back on the amount of unit tests if they're quick & cheap to run?" came up in the conversation & further spin off chats were had over the food.

Pictures of the night from Ninja Tester (Bogdan Ionita) can be found here.

Much fun was had with the baseball simulator - there may be some video of that somewhere...

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